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Legacy RE Audio subwoofer - but which model??Sean Gibson5
High output alternators: how am I supposed to know who makes JUNK a...Sean Gibson1
R.I.P. ecousticsTWiZTiD184
2 12" skar evl or 2 15" skar vxf? Flip7921
Thoughts on this possible build?Rick1
Good audio systemjoe durkham2
Using different size subs but same brand and SVCBmoreBasshead1
Subwoofer doesn't work when headlights turn onAnnabel1
Need code forvw rcd 210 mp3 kod bulmasüleyman1
What happened to Ecoustics?Admin3
The old RD Audio Alphas just won't give upLogan1
2 different subwoofers 1 monoblockLogan3
Finding the right ampLogan2
Wife buying husband system=CLUELESS please helpSteven Morrison5
Alpime tipe r 12 inch subwoofer box joe durkham2
Installation question - Is this possible?Mac2
Trouble finding a good ampMatthew1
Directed Comp X Sub woofer Spec SheetNicholas1
High input level or low input levelDominick1
Main fuse blwing on new installSven1
Vibration from boxGreg B2
Higher rated sub than ampGreg B1
Subwoofer level variations throughout frequencies (Help!)Mike2
Need help with choosing 1 or 2 10 inch subwoofersDavid1
Becker Grand Prix 0780CRTM-142
Will my amp work?gaarg2
JL 12W7Chris1
To divided or not to devided. Nekbone3162
Sealed enclosure Nekbone3161
Amp not working?FrostBytes1
Subs not working after new alternatordavidbrok51
2 Kicker CompR 12's or 1 Solo Baric L7AL COSTANZA1
15" kicker L7Chris1
Bass Knob/Remote Telephone wire replacement Viiger1
Problem with my amp or subErkkiT1
Advice on powering 15in subsjoe durkham2
Kicker L7 still the best subwoofer out there?joe durkham2
Alpine R-W12D4 subs and audiocontrol lc-1.1500 ampCraig1
Ohms law and voltagedocterlat1
Subwoofer adviceDave1
Subwoofer break in period ?Jesse4
Low note Problems...Jesse1
Need help wiring subs please Cathycat1
Are these real DC subs?x-isle1
Alpine TypeR/Kicker DX issuesJames1
Need help finding people in Los Angeles who have a vehicle with pow...rogergraimes1
Help with box specsLogan4
Alpine 15" type - RLogan2
How to tune amp to subsLogan2
What amp alternator do I need for my subs?Logan2
Wiring 3 subs Logan3
Alpine 15" type - RScorpioDaddy1
Orion 2500d, 2 Fully Loaded Fi BL 12s, JBL components, RF 400.2 For...VC231
Water got in speaker wireJay1
Need help on choosing a replacement subwooferNewbie1
Dummy Speaker in Box?Ash1
What subwoofer to choose?gaarg2
Noob seeking adviceKelrick The Unruly1
Subwoofer not working, amp still getting power PLEASE HELPFlorian Kortoci1
Building a Custom Enclosure & Want Some AdviceRyan1
Subwoofers making sound while door is open and car is offZach3
2 subs and a monoblock amp.Derekjp3373
Speaker possibly blownjoe durkham2
Rms helpgrizz1
Needing advice on shallow mount subs Anthony1
Cervin Vega Stroker 18 in a Boombox! :-)John1
Sa 12s vs. e12sdakota1
Question about a wooferKris1
Do I need an extarnal amp with a 300w head unitRob_sharp1
Can a subwoofer box not be too deep?Erick1
Polk MM651 speaker woesTanish1
Got a 550RMS AMP with an L7s SUB barely moves.Luke1
Sub wired to 1 ohm paired with supposedly 1 ohm stable amplifier?joe durkham3
10" ContraltoDeaner764
Sundown sa8BernyMac2
Want bigger subs but not sure if my amp is powerful enoughBernyMac3
The search for the perfect subBernyMac2
1 2 channel amp and 1 subwooferBernyMac2
Sealed or Portedjoe durkham2
Extreme Sub/Amp PairingVin Mike2
Best Subwoofer for Value and Best Competition SubwooferWilliam Mighty10
Need help please sundown audio sa 8 v2 d2Lbookholt1
Kicker s15 l7 d2 Pandaklan1
Alphard Deaf Bounce db412 3000 rms Tyler3
New amp. Dont know what subs to getBigDawson1
Sub keeps hitting while music volume is all the way downCody1
Subs hit with volume downCody1
Best Subs for My Situation? (Need Advice)Chris2
Which should i get 2 12 kicers comp c's or 1 12 Rocksvile k9SmokeySub3
I need helpJeremy1
HELP pleaseMiguel1
Bridging to the subTaylor Parker1
Rockford fosgate Tasia3
Which is louder between 3 sealed 12s and 2 Ported 15sjoe durkham2
Blown sub?Taylen1
Alpine subwoofer suddenly cut offleokn1ght1
How to wire 4 ohm sub to 8 ohm AMPJoe2
HELP ME! Sub/Amp Problemjoe durkham4
Subs cut outbassgarden1
15in audiopipe subs to which amp and how..DboyBass1
Kicker L7s 15 Box questions Badger6631
Dvc 12"kicker cvr R jl jx500 ampshane1
Box Build for 2x12 kicker comp c(help please)HoldMeBeer1
Help finding me a sub boxJohn Snow2
Looking for help, options, etcRiddler1
Considering refreshing my set-upJames1
CDT SQ 12 KIA, Sundown SPL as new 1st Sgt?Byron L3
T-line sub enclosureSwamp1
Sub level on head unit not working. Jmoen1
Subwoofer 15 InchdSoundPro1
Kicker L7 enclosure helpMylittlebrands1
Need help to find this brand.Ravi1
Winisd vs Factory recommendationjoe durkham6
Subwoofer Wiring HELP NEEDEDMr.T1
SA-10 D4 enclosurePatrick1
Thoughts on subwoofer box design?Trevo1
Help with tunning Amp and subs Joe2
Sub cone is getting hotTommyP2
Best Sub and Amp combination for around 250 dollars?Logan1
Alpine type s helpBwab361
Help with two SA 10s plz and thxLaderface2
Subwoofer is making my lights dim?Alex Meyer5
To port or not to portSondog731
Amplifier power light isn't turning on.dalton1
Archive through June 26, 2012Shaun from ct551872
Help with 1 alpine type r boxSeth1
My amp is getting power but my subs are not workinghunter1
Sound Deadening - EdeadSploosh561
Old OG Member's - Mind blown local (MASS) audio shop joe durkham2
Need help picking new subwoofer.Niloy2
Sub airspace problemsDrake1
Sub sounds mediocre and idk why trickydix20004
I Need Helpjoe durkham2
Very green car audio guybear391
Box help two type r 12sPjc871
-Help- Box for 2 Pioneer TS-W3004SPL subwoofersAlvy84VTS1
Does sub woofer box really matter?hussnain1
Subwoofer Hatchback UpgradeAustin J Mills1
Anybody got any Jl 12w3v2 D4s???Tupacthadon19711
Funny clicking sound when volume is raised too highPaul Larrea2
Subs cutting in and outVoigt941
Becker traffic pro radio CRTM-143
Bigger sealed box size?Adam R.1
Amp is on but little power to subsJesse Millard1
Subwoofer Box Design FeedbackTed1
Alpine swr12d2 and Ground Zero gzrw12d2Basshead Killa-a-Sou4
Help connecting amp and subsdavid1
My Radio cut out?john2
Subs dont sound as good in new car?Sk8rat2
Amp & speakerjohn3
Help building subwoofer boxAlex lopez2
What Kit to getGarret1
How do i hook up this setup?kaizo1
Which 12" sub should i get?joe durkham2
Need help with Single reflex bandpass enclosurejoe durkham2
Kicker cvr 12 stopped working hooked up to kicker ix 254 ampjasper goggans1
Ported Box Design...1 X FI, BL,15", 4 cu. ft.impala63rag1
New system need help. 2 Jl audio 12w7Devin1
Box design helpcory4
Whats better type r type x rockford fosgate punch or solar baric subsjoe durkham4
Boss Audio equiptment??? stigs oh dee bass3
Subwoofer!stigs oh dee bass2
Help! - 1st Car & First Sub setuplucas2
[Beginner] 12-inch subs and 2 amps HELP!CK1
DIY sub box with port tubespanfishpro1
Hello i lost the code from my Becker traffic pro high speed BE7820 ...vaidas1
Car amp and speaker pairing aaron1
Need help with identifying this speakerreversewk20001
Eclipse ti 15Zack1
NEED HELPseanmacd1
Looking for NEW mojox subs 12"MDR201
Need help with subsEads342
New to subwoofers. Needs help matching amp and box!joe durkham2
Ready for an Upgrade! How is this?joe durkham2
Please I want Code Mercedes Benz audio30 becker >>>ortiz2
Need help with subs for a kicker cx600.1d ampc.j.1
Opinions neededSmith2
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